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1979-1984 Rabbit / 1985-1989 Scirocco (requires 100mm inner) 500HP Level 3 Axle/Hub Kit MK1 VR6 Conversion Axles MK1 RABBIT VR6 CONVERSION KIT - MOUNTS ONLY
MK1 VR6 Conversion Axles
Our Price: $749.99
Upgrade your axles! They make the wheels do stuff.... Here's the mounts only if you're on a budget and want to make your own axles or plan on copying our products like everyone else out there. Seriously though we make make it the easiest to install the VR6 in Rabbits on the planet
mk1 vr6 headers 12v VR6 Mini Alternator conversion Eurowise Low-Profile Radiator
MK1 12V VR6 Conversion Header
Our Price: $549.99
Sale Price: $499.00
Savings: $50.99
Eurowise Low-Profile Radiator
Our Price: $449.99

12v VR6 header designed originally for the Mk1 VR6 conversion. Eurowise VR6 Mini Alternator conversion kit Eurowise MK1 Aluminum radiator
Mk1 VR6/R32 Conversion Downpipe (Stainless Steel) VR6 Short Oil Pan (12V, 24V, R32) MK1 AAA VR6 Stainless Steel Radiator Hard hose Kit
Hand built in house using ALL stainless steel! No more Holy pans fans Nobody likes it soft. Get these and stay hard all year long
24v / 12v VR6 Thermostat Housing VR6 Engine Stand Adapter Eurowise MK1 Rabbit DBW Pedal Bracket adapter ( drive by wire )
24v / 12v VR6 Thermostat Housing
Our Price: $259.00
Sale Price: $219.99
Savings: $39.01

VR6 Engine Stand Adapter
Our Price: $99.99


Aluminum 24v / 12v VR6 Thermostat Housing

VR6 Engine Stand Adapter Eurowise MK1 Rabbit DBW Pedal
Eurowise Aluminum VW/Audi Coolant Distribution Pipe / 1J0121087B MK1 Polyurethane Upper Trans Mount 1.8T Cast Aluminum Coolant Flange
Eliminate all possibilities of failure by using our durable cast Aluminum Coolant Distribution Pipe.
engine and transmission mount bushing Cast Aluminum OE Replacement
Eurowise VR6 Pan saver plate Eurowise 02A / 02J shifter box MK1 Rabbit Adapter Bracket AAA ALUMINUM THERMOSTAT HOUSING CAP
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $30.00
Savings: $5.00
Admit it, your girlfriend sucks at dodging pot holes. Buy this to save your relationship. You know the term measure twice, cut once? You know you don't follow by that. Just buy this and you wont regret it! Cast aluminum thermostat cap for the AAA Vr6 engines!

Eurowise VR6 Axle Boot Kit (inner) MK1 VR6 Conversion Poster 1.8T/2.0L Cast Aluminum Coolant Distribution Pipe / 1J0121087C
MK1 VR6 Conversion Poster
Our Price: $25.00

If you're using our VR6 conversion axles and your boots have torn or are starting to show wear, now is the time to replace them!

*Additional axle boot grease may be needed.
The holy grail of childhood posters Cast Aluminum OE Replacement
1.8T Cast Aluminum Split Coolant Fitting Universal Fender wire harness shave / tuck tube kit MK1 Polyurethane Front Motor Mount
Cast Aluminum OE Replacement Yes this is hardware store items, but we took the work out of it for you so stop being a hater and buy.
Front engine bushing