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w463 Portal axle conversion ( G63, G55, G550 )
w463 Portal axle conversion ( G63, G55, G550 )

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Now achieve the look of a G550 4x4 Squared with our Portal axle conversion kit. This 100% bolt on kit will lift your suspension 6 inches and add 40mm of offset to the wheels. This is the best way to lift your G-wagen reliably. No speedometer re calibration is needed.
In a portal axle, the axle shaft is above the wheel hub. At the ends of the axle is a more complex system of gears that translate motion downward to the wheel hub — an added step that allows the axle shaft to be higher than the center of the wheels. Essentially, the axle rotates on a higher plane than the wheels, which allows, among other things, for higher overall ground clearance.

What you might want to know about portal axles: Front and rear axles are rigid axles with portals, this means that the axle tube and the differential housing are situated above the wheel center.
The portal reduction guides the power to the wheels. Portals will give your vehicle a unique ground clearance. The portal gear ratio reduces the load on the complete drive train since the torque acts only on the wheel. With our solution, the vehicle's suitability for everyday use remains intact and the ABS system also works as usual, only the maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 160 km/h. “Bolt On Portals” are portals that are installed on the existing axles. They are designed in order to maintain the rotating direction of the axles. This is accomplished by using 4 cogwheels in the portal. Another advantage of using 4 cogwheels is that the load is distributed to the tooth flanks of several cogwheels so that more power can be transmitted while the increase in temperature is considerably lower. A portal gear ratio of 1,16-1 is equivalent to the reduction of the load on the axles. Of course, the overall axle ratio changes corresponding to the factor 1,16, which makes it possible to drive large wheels without having to adjust the gear ratio of the differentials. The portals will give the vehicle a “lift” of about 4 inches (10 cm). No further modifications have to be made to the suspension in order to drive larger wheels and the entire axle and steering geometry is maintained. This is the only way to really achieve a proper ground clearance. The additional ground clearance under the differential is 10 cm due to the portals plus the additional ground clearance through the use of larger wheels; wheels that are 25 cm larger than those you normally would drive. There is actually no need to mention that wheels that are 25 cm larger would mean certain death for most axles, let alone the expense for the expensive modifications that are necessary to install such large wheels. The portal kit contains the following parts: 4 portal boxes with pre-installed gear units, 2 outer front steering knuckles, 2 new HD front CV joints, 2 new HD rear axle shafts, 2 rear brake callipers with integrated parking brake, 1 set of front and rear axle clamps, 4 new ABS sensors, mounting bolts

Higher Ground Clearance

The obvious benefit inherent in a portal axle setup is more ground clearance. The axle — an unbroken, horizontal shaft — is raised above the mechanism that controls each wheel, so the lowest point in the center of the vehicle is higher than normal. That’s the case with the Mercedes-Benz 4×4. It affords a maximum of 17 inches of ground clearance as opposed to the current “normal” Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which has a still above-average 9.5 inches.

Increased torque

Simply put, the portal axle setup allows for less work in the differential and axle mechanism to translate to more torque at each wheel. The axle half shafts can spin at a greater speed but generate less immediate torque, meaning less work at the outset and more productivity at the end of the machine. Differentials, then, can be smaller, thus further increasing ground clearance, which, coupled together, provides more overall capability off-road.

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