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MK1 VR6 Conversion Kit - (Stage 3)

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Hand built in house at Eurowise in the USA! Virtually a drop in VR6 engine conversion. Every kit is built from mild steel and TIG welded for strength and longevity. Our VR6 conversions do not require any cutting or welding to install. Several stages available depending on power levels and vehicle usage. Now you can swap a VR6 in your Rabbit show car without hacking, grinding, and welding on your freshly painted engine bay! Our conversions make the process completely reversible if wanted.

Our axles are built in the USA and are supplied by renowned axle builders: The Driveshaft Shop. No expenses spared there.

Chassis Fitment Applications

  • Scirocco Mk1 (1974-1982)
  • Scirocco Mk2 (1982-1992)
  • Golf Rabbit Caddy Jetta Mk1/ (1974-1984)
  • Golf Cabriolet Mk1/ (1974-1992)

Engine Fitment Applications

  • OBD1 12v VR6
  • OBD2 12v VR6
  • OBD2 24v VR6
  • OBD2 3.2 VR6
  • OBD2 R32 VR6
  • OBD2 3.6 VR6

Stage 2 Kit Contents

  • X1 Front Engine Mount w/Hardware & Stiffer Bushings
  • X1 Rear Engine Mount w/Hardware & Stiffer Bushings
  • X1 Upper Transmission Mount w/Hardware & Stiffer Bushings
  • X1 Lower Transmission 4th Mount w/Hardware & Stiffer Bushings
  • X1 Front Engine Mount Spacer w/Hardware
  • X1 Front Engine Support Brace
  • X1 Stage 3 500HP Axle/Hub kit.

(This system starts with a set of high grade aircraft quality axle bars with our unique double temper and heat treat that makes them stronger and significantly more torsional than the factory axle bars. The inner CV features a proprietary cage and race set and the outer CV is about 40% larger than the stock VW one and we also include a custom hub to accomodate the larger outer CV spline. This kit includes both axles, hubs and extended 12mm ARP wheel studs

Rated to 500HP with a 1-year warranty.)

Note: 12v are direct bolt on. 24v and R32 please see our "R32 Conversion page".

02a transmission is always a requirement to work with all stages.

Use our 02A manual cable conversion to take the guess work out for the clutch system as well!

Important notes for Install:

  • When running 02j transmission and running our manual cable conversion you will have interference issues with reverse switch, when using 02j shifter tower or transmission you must cut off the mounting flange for the reverse switch.
  • late model 02j transmission ( 1.8t and VR6 ) have 108mm axle flanges. These will not work with our axles. However the solution to change axle flanges are very easy. part numbers needed are qty 2 02A-409-355D qty 2 02j-409-359.

PLEASE NOTE: These axles are made to order. May take 4-6 weeks build time before shipped. 

CUSTOM MADE PRODUCT (Stage 3 Axles): Once an order is placed, it may be cancelled within 48 hrs. After that, there is a no refund/cancellation policy for custom made parts.


1. Q: whats the difference between stage 1, 2, 3? Which kit would suit me best?

A: stage 2 is same as stage 1+ but includes stiffer motor mount bushings and a front core support brace

2. Q: I made my own brackets already, can I buy your axles?

A: Yes our axles are available but there’s a good chance our axles aren’t going to work with your mounts. They were made specifically for our mounts and only our mounts.

3. Q: I have a 1.8t motor installed with 02a transmission installed and I want to change it to a VR6, can I buy just your brackets?

A: Our kit is designed to move the motor 3 inches more centered compared to the traditional VR6 MK1 swaps using scirocco 100mm axles. With our kit you have sufficient room on the drive belt side to easily remove and install it in the car. There is room for most superchargers to fit as well with our conversion.

4. Q: I have a WRD 02A transmission bracket. Can I buy your front bracket and passenger rear bracket?

A: Unfortunately that bracket they use works with factory axles and ours are custom lengths that work with our own brackets. If you attempted to use any other 02A conversion or VR6 kit with our axles they would come out too short or too long.

5. Q: I have the scirocco 100mm axles already, can I just buy your brackets?

A: Our brackets work specifically with our axles so if you were to install the axles in the car and attempt to use our brackets they will not line up correctly.

6. Q: Does your brackets fit in my mk2?

A: No they will not.

7. Q: Will my car flip over?

A: No essentially the VR6 motor is only about 75lbs heavier than a traditional 16v motor which is very common in an MK1. Imagine strapping a turbo, fmic, piping etc on a 16v and you’d be well over the weight of a VR6 mk1 in the front end.

8. Q: How low is my oil pan going to be?

A: actually with the mounts in its highest position the oil pan sits only about 1 inch below the lower control arm mounting position.

9.Q: Will factory header work?

A: No it does not, we do offer solutions to solve the issues.


We have dealers in United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada and Germany.


Eurowise parts, are sold for off-road use only. All performance modifications and installations are at the customers own risk.Eurowise Performance Fabrication Inc. or hold no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products. Items sold for off-road use only are illegal in many states and provinces and are intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road.

By purchasing any aftermarket performance product, the customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees that Eurowise Performance or holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.

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