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Gen 1: Cayenne/Touareg Adjustable Tubular Camber Control Arms


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Looking for more performance out of your lifted Gen 1? We've developed a solution for Gen 1 Cayenne and Touareg's running more than 2.5 inches of lift and require proper alignment. If you have a subframe drop and don't have upper control arms with camber adjustment there's a good chance your rig drives poorly or has bump-steer. The factory lower camber adjustments do not have enough movement to put your Gen 1 back into proper specs to drive safely and reliably. After months of testing and lots of gruesome off-road testing. We are now happy to announce the release of our tubular upper control arms. These are built from spherical heim joint on all three mounting points. This will allow for maximum travel when off-roading which translates to better performance and ride.

When using on air suspension cars. You must adjust the level sensor rods to your application and recalibrate. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of performance spherical ball joints they are not quiet like conventional OEM rubber bushings. You will hear clunks and minor knocking noises in some cases. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

AIR SUSPENSION setups will require some adjustment in the level links. You can install right out of the box but you can adjust the height with the links to desired height

2002-2010 VW Touareg
2002-2010 Porsche Cayenne
2004-2016 Audi Q7



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