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Gen 1 &2: Cayenne/Touareg Spherical Control Arms (2004 - 2017) Bearings Only

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Eurowise's ultimate solution to problematic OEM rubber control arm bushings. The ultimate suspension upgrade for street or offroad performance for your Cayenne, Touareg or Q7. Rubber bushings act like little springs at each suspension pivot point. They allow suspension geometry to change under load, ruining your alignment and causing unwanted handling characteristics like steering wander, binding, camber, caster, toe changes, and lack of steering and suspension feedback. Spherical bearings do not bind or flex under load, creating perfect suspension joints. Added articulation without shock/strut change. These bearings are designed to be driven on and off-road. We've designed these spherical bearings in 6061/7075 aluminum, CNC machined, then anodized for a lifetime of abuse and use. Our bearing kits are fully rebuildable and do not require the cup to be removed from the arm to do so. These are press in bushings you can do or have a professional shop install. Control arms can be purchased ready to install HERE. We use high quality FK PTFE-lined bearings. Unlike most products on the market (for any platform), our spherical bearings also have internal retaining rings. These come ready to install. Please note that lifespan will vary based on the application and driving conditions. Spherical bearings do have moving parts, so they do wear. *IMPORTANT* Please contact us before installation. Aftermarket and OEM Control arm bushing ID vary in size and can become an issue when installing.

Every arm may be different depending on manufacturer
For best fit, the average diameter of the hole should be:

Forward Bushing - 1.570-1.575"
Shock Fork Bushing - 1.808-1.813"
Rearward Bushing - 2.367-2.372"

Generally we measure the diameter every 45° to calculate the average, since many holes are not circular.
If the hole is smaller than these ranges, it may still work, but the press force will get very high. We recommend opening the holes up to make installation easier and cause less damage to the outer shell.
In all cases, recommend lubrication during assembly; generally decreases the press force by 50% or more and causes less damage to the hole and bushing during the process.



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