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Black Rhino Chase (Set of 4)

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The Black Rhino Chase is our latest lightweight Rotary Forged offering for 5-lug and 6-lug truck wheels and SUV wheels. 17 inch sizes start at 24 pounds per wheel with a load rating of 2,250 lbs/wheel. For heavy duty applications, the Chase is also offered with a load rating of 2,450 lbs/wheel with wheel weights starting at 25 pounds per wheel. This results in weight savings up to 25% compared to identical sizes from our competition's wheels. All sizes are available with 8.5", 9", and 9.5" widths. Standard finishes are Matte Black and an all new Brushed Gunmetal finish.

Please note price may very according to the wheel specs needed for your application, after ordering we will contact you to determine the best fit for your vehicle, please note adapters might be needed for your application.

*Your OEM wheel bolts will not fit Cone style wheels, Please contact us to supply proper wheel bolts needed*


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