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Tech-53's solid engine mounts are not only innovative in their design, but are engineered in such a way, that you can customize where your engine sits.

Three choices: stock height (self explanatory), Lowered by 5 mm to lower the center of gravity of the car, or raise 20mm over stock, if your car is really lowered, and you would like a bit more oil pan clearance. Subframe holes may have to be redrilled.

Our unique design provide a strong compression in the mount, even if the mount is under tension. Taking the fastener anchor point from the opposite side of the mount, makes this a game changer.

Not only does this make it a lot stronger than any other Delrin mount on the market, it also enables the mount to be modular. We highly recommend installing the transmission and engine mounts as a complete kit.

Lifetime limited warranty when installed with Tech-53's transmission mounts.

Installation Note for Low Boy Configuration:


  • The fan shroud will need to be modified slightly to make clearance for the fan position moving up.
  • May need to trim the lower radiator hose .5"³ to clear the AC belt.
  • The Vanos cover could make contact with the hood on 98 328is.

  • The engine hook on top of the motor needs to be removed
  • The fan will need to be raised by 1 inch.


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