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OZ Rally Racing 18x8 ET45


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Rally Racing the new OZ wheel Made in Italy

The OZ alloy wheels that have made history in global rally racing were chosen as the perfect contender to Offroad driving
Thanks to their unique, sturdy design, they can readily cope with the heavy loads typical of these vehicles.

Price is for 1 wheel, please note additional shipping and handling could be required.

Available in the following sizes:

• 8x18” 5x112, 5x120 ( Adapters required for Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, and Audi Q7 )

The various sizes also come in different color combinations.
8x18” is available in two finishes: Matt Black + Silver lettering and Dark Graphite + Silver lettering.

*Your OEM wheel bolts will not fit Cone style wheels. Please contact us to supply proper wheel bolts needed.*

ADDING WHEEL BOLTS TO THE ORDER ( $14 ) Only applies to 1 wheel ( 5 bolts )

In the 90’s OZ put in the best performance at the World Rally Championships, where it fitted tires on the cars of some of the most important teams competing. One was the Toyota team led by pilot Carlos Sainz who actually won his first world title in 1990. The wheel is white with a recognizable central “disc” that sports the red OZ Racing logo written twice.

A factory brand, with an unmistakable design stemming from a specific functional choice to protect the braking system from rocks and stones.

The new Rally Racing wheel has the same distinguishing features, albeit updated. A new icon of style and performance, with a prestigious, unique tradition and breath-taking technical features. Using its timeless look as the starting point, the new Rally Racing wheel has been given new exclusive details such as the spoke shape which overlaps with the central disc and gives the wheel a different look, by making it seem even larger and more aggressive. The central disc is flat and features the traditional OZ Racing logo written twice.


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