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Audi 4L Q7 Driveshaft Center Support Bearing Carrier Upgrade (4L001A0)


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The stock center support bearing carrier holds the driveshaft in place with rubber so thin about 20 lbs of force moves it from center to the end of its travel. While that's great for making sure no NVH makes it to the cabin, the stock bushing is extremely prone to failure, especially in harsher climates and on higher-powered cars. Even on the best-kept cars, the stock rubber bushing sags, dry rots, and cracks by the time it's 10-15 years old. When the bushing lets go, it leads to excessive vibrations and clunking which can damage the transmission and rear diff. To make matters worse, the stock carrier is molded onto the center support bearing, leading to costly driveshaft replacement.

  • 4L Q7 (2005-2015)

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