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The Engineering team at ECS Tuning has spent countless hours in the development of the exclusive Audi 4.0T S6/S7/RS7 Luft-Technik (Air Technology) Cold Air Intake System. This turbo inlet pipe & intake system was precision engineered using state of the art laser scanning, dyno and flow bench testing, and 3D CAD technology to combine factory-like fitment in your engine bay with increased engine performance resulting in max gains of +36 WHP / +48 FT-LBS WTQ with an APR stage 1 tune!

Designed for power, individual intake filters feed each turbo while diameter matched steps throughout the entire intake tract provide a smooth airflow path. The powder coated aluminum heat shield with bulb seal resists the performance robbing effects of heat soak by secluding the air filter and sealing against the hood. The turbo inlet hoses are crafted of a high quality fiber reinforced 5-ply silicone to achieve increased durability and resistance to collapsing.

By adding our Turbo Inlets to our Luft-Technik Intake System it allows your 4.0T Turbos to operate more efficiently. This efficient is gained due to a lower pressure ratio by reducing inlet pressure drop. Our intake has been subjected to rigorous real world testing with verified performance gains on our in-house dyno and flow bench resulting in an increase of 36WHP and 48WTQ with an APR stage 1 tune and a 31.2% increase in flow rate over stock. The increase in turbocharger spool noise during heavy acceleration is an enthusiast's dream, giving hint to the added performance without being too intrusive. The end result of all of this effort is an intake system that combines fitment, quality and performance into one stunning package that will make a statement in your engine bay.

The ECS Tuning Turbo Inlet Pipes & Luft-Technik Intake System features:

  • Specifically crafted to fit Audi C7/C7.5 S6/S7 4.0T engines using all stock mounting locations
  • Diameter matched steps in entire intake tract to provide a smooth airflow path along full inlet
  • Individual intake filters for each turbo
  • Cast aluminum turbo inlet pipes
  • Retain factory PCV return and DV return
  • 57mm ID at the compressor housing
  • Smooth transitions down entire length of inlet piping
  • ID matched stepped silicone
  • Fiber reinforced 5-ply silicone turbo inlets to hinder collapsing
  • 63mm ID at turbo inlet opening, maintaining largest diameter possible through flow path
  • Included sealing o-rings
  • Mounts to factory turbos
  • Broader and smoother torque curve for an enhanced driving experience
  • With Our Intake - Max gains of +36 WHP / +48 FT-LBS WTQ with an APR stage 1 tune
  • Flow rate of 478.3 CFM compared to the stock intake at 364.6 CFM when tested at -9.0 in H2O - this is a 31.2% increase in flow rate!
  • No modifications required, fully reversible installation

Settle for nothing but the absolute best with ECS Tuning's Turbo Inlet Pipes & Luft-Technik Intake Systems!

For help with installation please download or print ECS Tuning's in-depth PDF installation instructions found under the Installation tab.