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Eurowise Off Road



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The Eurowise Coupé Front Bumper for the 955/957 (Gen 1) Cayenne & Touareg: a small package fully functional front bumper with fully tested winch plate.

With many requests for winch mounts with functional recovery points and bumper skid without purchasing an entire bumper. We released a modified version of our popular tubular front bumper for the Cayenne Gen 1 Chassis.

This bumper will have a built in lower skid in steel or aluminum, as well as the option to mount the winch right side up or upside down to allow for lights to be mounted on center tube without interference. Designed for removal of lower half of your OEM bumper cover. 

Standard Options:

- 3/8 Thick Winch Mount

- Center Skid Plate: Steel or Aluminum for upright or lower mounted winch

- Light Tabs

- Bull, Baja or No Protection Bar

- Bolt On Design

We’ve developed this stylish but also functional compact bumper that doubles as a recovery point on your Touareg or Cayenne. All products tested in the most extreme situations by both professionals and amateurs and stress data is documented and compared and exceeds military spec. 
We build functional real world tested products; contrary to what you see online, the OEM bumper “tow” points are not designed for recovery. Although they may work in “soft duty” overlanding situations, it could be catastrophic if not highly experienced in recovery training. 

Straight line 10K recovery pull; this is measuring a Von Mises stress of just approx. 18.5ksi. That means a Factor of Safety of 2.75 to yield strength. Deformation is less than .010"