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Advantages of Wheel Studs:

Studs protruding from the hub offer an easy way to align the wheel when mounting.

Longer studs allow for the use of different width spacers without needed to change stud length. However, if using bolts, bolt length would have to change to account for the width of the spacer to get proper thread engagement.

If mounting and dismounting wheels is a frequent operation for you (mostly for track use, swapping wheel / tire setup) then it is arguably safer to wear the interface between the stud and the nut rather than the bolt and hub. If you are changing wheels often, there is a higher risk of cross-threading. If you cross thread the bolt in the hub, the fix is much more difficult and expensive compared to stripping a nut over a stud, for instance.

Studs have more consistent torque when using nuts. The interface between the threads on nuts and studs is always the same thread amount. This allows consistent torque values for all studs.

Wheel Studs vs. Bolts:

Most production vehicles have their wheels mounted one of two ways, studs or bolts. The majority of European manufacturers choose wheel installation with bolts while most American manufacturers choose studs. 

Seen here with 60MM stud conversion with no added spacers.


  • 20X Wheel Studs
  • 20X Wheel Nuts
  • Thread Locker

Fits all Porsche Cayenne/Touareg/Q7 models as well as any 14x1.5 wheel bolt vehicle


  • Porsche Cayenne 2002-2018
  • VW Touareg 2002-2018
  • Audi Q7 2002-2018

Please Note: Wheel stud color may vary (black zinc/yellow zinc).

  • Thread Type: 14x1.5 (base) to 14x1.5 (shank)
  • Secure the studs with allen key (hand tight)
  • Quantity: 20 studs/20 lug nuts

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