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Eurowise Swag



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Finally you can feel like you're racing whether you're in the office or at the track!

Our new motorsport style aluminum Ergonomic foot rest designed from heavy duty 1/8th inch thick aluminum that's laser cut and then CNC formed and then finished off with dimple die holes to reduce weight and help you shave your email lap times down. The foot rest measures 5 inches tall on the backside and 18 inches wide. Built in rubber floor grips for non slip action.

No more angry wife after leaving marks on the wall from your greasy hard working feet. Save your marriage, your posture and your calf muscles for future heel toe pedal to the metal action on the track for only $69.95! 

5 Key Benefits Of Under Desk Foot Rests

  1. They promote blood circulation, preventing problems such as varicose veins.
  2. For shorter individuals, they keep their feet planted for more comfort.
  3. They allow you to elevate your feet so you can sit in a more comfortable position in your chair.
  4. They help you lean into the support of your chair, granting a more neutral posture.
  5. Overall, they create a more ergonomic set-up for remote workers who spend many hours a day sitting at their work stations.

Proudly designed and made in the USA.