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Gwagen King Shock Steering Stabilizer - G500/G55/G63/G550 (OEM Replacement)


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Eurowise's King Shocks brand Steering Stabilizers are designed to stop vibrations before they reach the driver. By damping steering shimmy and front-end vibrations (common Gwagen death wobble), King Shocks Steering Stabilizers provide more tire control and provide critical performance for 4WD and off-road applications. We also include a Laser cut and CNC bent mounting bracket. This bracket replaces the OEM bracket on the differential with a proper sized mounting hole for the new shock and also relocates the shock to a better position to avoid contact with the tie rod. Be careful buying from other vendors online we are the only company that includes this brackets with steering stabilizer upgrades.

This stabilizer goes in place of the OEM stabilizer. Helps maintain control on the road or in rugged terrain. Engineered to decrease wheel shimmy for reduced tire wear and steering vibration.

Product Includes:

  • Qty. 1 Steering Stabilizer
  • Qty. 1 Mounting Hardware Kit
  • Qty 1 Eurowise Mounting Bracket

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