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Eurowise Audi R8 Cold Air Intake - V8 ONLY

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Bolt on design and REAL HORSEPOWER GAINS.

Eurowise air intake systems are designed to eliminate the major sources of air flow restriction that your vehicle experiences from the factory intake system. We guarantee that by replacing your restrictive factory air intake system with a high-performance system, your engine will produce more power. Eurowise air intake systems are tested on a dynamometer to determine the estimated horsepower gain that you can expect your vehicle to benefit from with a system installed.

PLEASE NOTE: These will only fit first generation R8 models. They will not fit the 2016+ R8 models.

PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT fit convertible models (SPYDERS)

  • We dyno'ed the car on 8-16 at 4pm on a 90 degree da.
  • The results posted below are from today at 4pm exactly 90 degrees again.
  • BEFORE 322 hp
  • BEFORE TORQUE 272 tq
  • AFTER TORQUE 279 tq

19 whp and 7 ft lbs of torque!

Eurowise V10 R8 performance product results:

This 2010 R8 was brought to us with zero modifications.

Stock 421whp 364wtq + Eurowise intake & exhaust = 470whp 370wtq.

Total 49whp and 6 wtq gains.


The best thing is the SOUND. Our ram filters sit directly in behind both door blades really allowing the engine to scream under load.

Product comes in textured satin black.

NOTE: These will only fit first generation R8 models. They will not fit the 2016+ R8 models.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Looks nice but I would prefer to keep my carbon fiber intake box for this kind of the mod. Can the engine bay trim be refitted?

  • You have the option to re-use the factory air box or remove it completely and use our supplied metal heat shield!

I think the current OEM design allows for water rejection and the prevention of high quantities of water getting to the air filters, and hence into the engine.

Any concerns, or observations of water soak potential of the filters given its location to the blades? It isn't clear if the setup is different between V8 and V10, piping size, filter size, etc.

  • The distance the water would have to travel would mean the entire car would need to be halfway submerged before it would ever suck in any water. The filter is mounted roughly 20 inches away directly behind the factory air duct. (see photo attached)
  • The test vehicle was tested in Charlotte North Carolina and saw many heavy rainy days with Zero hiccups.
  • The V8 and V10 intakes are different sizes and configurations completely. Each Kit has piping to match exactly the factory MAF housing size as that is a very important factor when it comes to the OEM tuning software.

Our intake seen here with the Factory airbox intact (simple small modifications are needed to retain factory airbox).

Please Note: This kit will fit if you have a V8 /V10 R8 with dual air boxes. This requires different heat shields so make sure you select proper drop down box.

Two piece air box heat shield style seen below:


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