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Eurowise's new polyurethane upper control arm bushing upgrade. Replace your worn/torn OEM rubber bushings that kill suspension performance today. Poly bushings have a free-float design where the bushing is installed directly into the housing without a metal shell and ‘floats’ there. Since the poly and metal sleeve are not bound together. Increased performance in suspension articulation off-road (suspension travel), bushing bind, and rubber failure from old worn rubber bushings. Poly bushings can be installed much easier than OEM steel sleeve bushings with their 2 pc design.

Kit Includes:

Qty. 4 - Upper Control Arm Bushings (Does not include arms. We sell arm with bushings in a different listing.)

Polyurethane vs. Rubber Suspension Bushings

There is a common question that customers ask “What is the difference between polyurethane and rubber bushings?” Polyurethane is often described as providing better handling while rubber gives you a smoother ride. This is a simple explanation that is basically correct, but there are other pros and cons that should be considered when deciding what kind of bushings you want for your vehicle.

Rubber Vs Polyurethane Hardness Scale


Rubber makes no noticeable sound while polyurethane has the possibility of squeaking (if not properly lubricated).

Most common complaints about poly bushings is that they squeak where rubber bushings do not. While it is true that poly can squeak it is usually a result of the part not being properly lubricated during install, as all poly bushing manufactures recommend and sometimes require to avoid warranty issues.

Rubber does not squeak since the bushing is chemically bonded to the metal shell and sleeve. The torque of suspension movement is soaked up by the bushing internally so the rubber does not move against the metal, and thus, no noise (although this does contribute to the wear of the bushing).

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