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Eurowise Off Road



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The JWO 2 Inch (50mm) Coil Lift Springs get your G Wagon the lift it needs. After the successful launch of our JWO 4 Inch (100mm) Springs and Lift Kit, we took a step back and made a spring setup that requires less additional parts to function and still meets the needs for many members of the G Wagon Off Road and Overlanding Community. We are not the first to create a 2 inch lift for the Mercedes G Class but we took our previous experiences into consideration with our new design to make a unique and useful option that will overcome some challenges we have seen in the past. These springs are 100% designed, developed, and made in the USA.

The most common challenges we come across in the 2 Inch Lift range:

  1. The lift is achieved but the off road performance is limited because the springs are too short either in the rear axle or both axles in some cases. In a couple instances, this has caused the springs to come loose but in several cases, this has limited down travel and droop possible with the springs.
  2. Varying results with varying loads – some sit great when the truck is unloaded and can be useful for off roading but quickly sag when weight is added onto the roof rack, into the trunk, or onto a trailer. Others are better at handling the weight and do not sag as much but can ride harsh when the truck is unloaded because of their stiffness and high spring rates.

How did we fix these?

  1. We maximized the free (uncompressed) length of our springs to work with all of our aftermarket shock offerings and even left room to allow for some longer custom shocks to be added in the future. Especially in the rear axle, most 2 inch springs are the limiting factor for gaining more droop out of the G Wagon so the only way to gain more down travel up to now was to go up to a 4 inch lift. While a 4 inch lift can provide increased articulation and offers more ground clearance, our 2 inch springs paired with the appropriate shock will allow you to have the most optimal down travel (and traction) possible in the 2 inch lift range while minimizing the number of required paired parts and lowering the overall height clearance of the G for those that need to fit into low clearance spots.
  2. For those who intend to keep the G only unloaded/lightly loaded or only heavily equipped, there are other options that can still meet these needs. However, many of our clients use the G as a mixed use daily driver and off road rig. We combined the best of both worlds by making a dual rated rear spring that has a stiffer primary rate which is active while driving on road and a softer secondary rate that is activated when the wheels are traveling beyond the typical on road suspension cycle either during off roading or when potholes and other road obstacles are present. In doing so, this allows for a tighter, more responsive on road feel, a softer, more comfortable off road feel, and a more consistent ride height for the G Wagon overall regardless of the weight that is added. As with any spring, the ride height will decrease as the truck is loaded but with our stiffer spring rate active primarily, this will minimize the sag caused when loading the G.

With these springs, you can run 33 inch tires without any rubbing issues on or off road with proper wheel/tire setups. We recommend tire sizes between 33x11" - 33x12.5" (or metric equivalent tires) depending on your wheel width with an offset no higher than +30 for best results. This would mean adding a 30mm wheel spacer to most stock wheels. While some clients run 2 inch lifts with higher offsets, adding wheel spacers or a lower offset (wider stance) wheel would not only prevent rubbing but will also improve stability as you raise the center of gravity of your G.

If you will not be using a wheel (rim) with a lower offset (wider stance), adding the H&R Wheel Spacers will help make sure larger tires do not rub when turning the tires into the wheel well and will provide more stability while turning - as mentioned above. These spacers are technically "adapters" not the "disks" you may have heard of before. The adapters we sell come with their own set of bolts to connect the spacer/adapter to the wheel hub and the factory bolts are used to connect the wheel to the spacer/adapter for more reliable load distribution in the assembly.

The only items that are technically necessary to use with these springs are longer shocks and the correct wheel/tire spacing. There are other items that are beneficial with these springs but not required. We recommend using the Fox Steering Stabilizer to allow for more ease in steering since larger/heavier tires will be added. This will absorb the added road forces before they can reach the steering wheel making less work for you to handle.

Our Caster Correction Offset Bushings are useful to fix caster which is the angle of your front axle and front suspension pieces. As you raise the truck, the front axle is twisted back which can effect the handling and steering of the truck. At 2 inches of lift, this change is minimal but for those that want the best handling, these rotate the axle back near its original position.

With any lift higher than stock, the track of the tires begins to shift towards the driver side so your driver side tires will poke out more and the passenger side tires will tuck in more. Again, in the two inch lift range, this only happens by a small amount but it does still occur. Not fixing this could cause your vehicle to lean to one side and sit uneven and simply not line up correctly from side to side which bothers the ones who notice these things. Because of this, we recommend using the Eurowise Adjustable Panhard Bars to line up the tires and axles to the center of the truck. With these adjustable bars, you can get the exact track you desire with finetuned adjusting rather than relying on a solid track bar that would only allow for one setting.

Extended Brake and Lockers Lines are beneficial as well as they make the installation easier and prevent the factory lines from being over stretched when drooping your wheels down during off road use. In most cases these will not be needed but if you get into serious off roading or go with a custom extended shock option, these may be required.

The springs are made of High Tensile Chrome Silicon Steel - similar to most springs. This material provides a long, durable life span for your springs and is capable of enduring extreme suspension cycles and taking on the temperatures of any climate. Powder coated in Steel Gray to give them a little presence under the truck but not so much that it is distracting - this color is a great secondary color for any color truck and compliments just about any color of aftermarket parts you can think of.

*Although these springs are capable of functional on and off road use, we strongly encourage using caution (as you always should) during the installation and use of these springs. Please familiarize yourself with all parts provided/installed and the new handling of the vehicle immediately. Jack Wagon Overlanding, LLC will not be held responsible for any problems, damages, losses, or faults that come with or after the installation of these springs

*With any tire size increase, the speedometer will show a lower speed than you are actually travelling. Older models may be able to reprogram the tire size in the computer to correct speedometer but with newer models, MB limits this ability. Depending on the tire size and wheel offset you go with, it is still possible for some rubbing to happen in extreme conditions.