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Eurowise Performance

Eurowise Porsche Cayenne 955 - 957 Rear Exhaust Performance


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Eurowise axle back exhaust system for the 955/957 that features a cross over at the rear muffler. A Design we haven’t seen any manufacturer incorporate.

Why’s this significant? When doing a muffler delete or aftermarket exhaust on V8/Turbo - 955/957 Cayenne’s. It removes the exhaust crossover built inside the rear Muffler. This separates both banks making the sound not as satisfying in our opinion.

So we’ve come out with our own solution.

A bolt on rear exhaust system that’s not too quiet and not too loud. An H-pipe crossover equalizes the exhaust pulses and allows the sounds waves to communicate between both banks of the engine. Adding an H-pipe reunites both exhaust banks giving it a deeper rich exhaust note again.

OEM Exhaust is cut off and new one is sleeve clamped onto OEM pipes. Please have professional install.

Product Includes:

  • QTY. 1 Rear axle back exhaust system with Mounting clamps.
  • Tips provided are Designed for the GTS model rear valence.
  • We will release different tips for S / base model soon.