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Due to our warehouse relocation and temporary closure, we are currently operating on a 2-3 week fulfillment delay in addition to a product's advertised lead time. Thank you for your continued support and patience; we can't wait to come back stronger to serve your performance needs.

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Eurowise Performance



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We are now stocking brand new VW ABA swap harnesses! Why is this awesome? No more cores needed. Just purchase these and we send you a fresh new harness ready to install.

Don't be alarmed if this makes your life easier. No fuse box needed; fuse, and relays are built in. This means you can use them in any chassis. You can install VW motors in virtually any car: Honda, Toyota, Lawn Mowers, Ferrari, Rabbit, Scirocco & MORE!

Fabrication of course is always required for the engine mounts but we've made the wiring that simple. This harness requires use of your factory ECU (computer). This isn't a "Standalone ECU" wiring harness.


  • Harnesses are built with mass air flow sensor and rear knock leads extended to engine end of harness. Unlike OEM harnesses, they locate the mass air flow and knock sensor at the ECU end of the harness. This makes the harness much easier to route and/or tuck when installing.
  • Harnesses contain an ECU controlled fuel pump relay for OEM function and safety.
  • Battery leads are fused in the event of a component malfunction.
  • The harness has five simple leads to get your engine running:
    1. Power
    2. Ground
    3. Fuel pump positive+ lead
    4. 12 volt switched “on” trigger
    5. Starter switch lead
  • OBD2 ABA Motors Only
  • OEM Connectors
  • OBD Diagnostic Connector Built In