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W463 Double Cardan Front Driveshaft Conversion


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When lifting your G-class more than 4 inches. You will have issues with the front driveshaft binding due to too much driveshaft angle. The symptoms are typically knocking / vibration in front drivetrain under acceleration. We've developed this 100% bolt on driveshaft with a double cardan joint to alleviate the vibrations.

The OEM driveshaft is removed and our proprietary spacers are installed on the front axle and rear transfer case and the double cardan driveshaft is installed.

Driveshafts come with lifetime warranty and are fully serviceable with built in grease fittings for lubrication between service intervals.

100% Made in USA

Here's a list of part numbers for the common wear items for these shafts found at your local parts store.

  • Universal joints (u-joints) are 1310 series. The most common part number for this size joint is a spicer part number 5-153X
  • Socket flange interchangeable part number is Neapco part number N2-83-388X

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