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The Black Rhino Corsica Forged features a forged 1-piece monoblock construction made from 6061-T6 aero-space grade aluminum. The Corsica sports a classic fat 5-spoke inner face and window-cut outer face design, allowing excellent debris passthrough and unrivaled attitude. Engineered specifically for the Porsche Cayenne, the Corsica is available exclusively in 18x8” +20mm size and 5x130 bolt pattern. Accentuate your rig with the Corsica’s Gloss White finish. The Black Rhino Corsica is the ultimate choice for off-roaders looking for an ultra-capable forged adventure wheel with a timeless style.

The Black Rhino Porsche series wheels are designed and engineered for your adventure-built Cayenne exclusively in an 18x8” size. Each wheel features a 1-piece monoblock construction made from 6061-T6 forged aluminum and boasts the perfect mix of rugged attitude and complimentary styling to your Porsche.

We’ve spent years developing our forged wheels, offering a lightweight construction with superior strength and rigidity. From the OE-inspired Black Rhino Klaue to the classic motorsport styling of the Corsica, each Black Rhino wheel is made to handle whatever your journey throws at it. So, whether you’re heading out in your trail-built first-generation Cayenne or adding a little outdoorsy edge to your modern-era V8 twin-turbo build, each Black Rhino forged monoblock wheel is engineered to accentuate and improve your Cayenne’s off-road style and performance.

2005 Porsche Cayenne #22005 Porsche Cayenne #52005 Porsche Cayenne #1