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EF WHEELS - AMMO 90 - 18x9 ET25


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The AMMO 90 wheel was inspired by a combination of the original Porsche design 90 wheel seen on the Porsche 944 and the 964 chassis. In collaboration of building Larry's 958 overland project; we designed this wheel based on his love and our love for the D90 design. We put our own rugged twist on it without compromising the original styling.

Our forged wheels are crafted from a billet, a sizable square block of solid 6061 aluminum. The billet undergoes heating to exceptionally high temperatures and is subjected to pressure to mold it into the desired shape. This thermal cycling process contributes to the enhanced strength of forged wheels compared to their cast counterparts, thanks to grain refinement. The continual forging results in heightened structural integrity, requiring less material than cast wheels for a robust build. This means a lighter but stronger wheel.   

At EF Wheels, our designs are influenced by the sophisticated allure of European off road aesthetics. Each wheel encapsulates the perfect fusion of style and utility, drawing inspiration from the latest trends in European automotive design

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to American craftsmanship, as each wheel is meticulously machined in the USA. Eurowise, a leader in VAG Offroad products, took on the approach of full turnkey offroad supplier for Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes - now offering wheels by Eurowise Forged.

Wheel Weight: 30lbs.

Load Rating: 2000lbs.